Discuss an issue online with the people it affects.
Produce ideas you can act on.

See why customers love Dialogue

"I'd definitely recommend Dialogue. If your work involves citizens, customers or stakeholders, then finding out how they feel is crucial."

Peter Rawlinson, East of England District Manager, Forestry Commission

Citizens have unique insights and ideas
for improving communities and services

Dialogue connects you with those ideas

Screenshot of Dialogue Ideas feed

Set people a challenge and open the discussion to their creativity.
Ideas are refined by comments and ratings. The best suggestions rise to the top.

You need a tool that is easy to use and
can be configured for your challenge

Dialogue has everything you need for a productive discussion

Screenshots of Dialogues used by City of Edmonton, Vattenfall, Forestry Commission and Bristol City Council

Proven successful on all sorts of issues, from national to hyper-local
Dialogue is web-based. There's no software to install, which means no extra work for your IT team.
You own all the data collected. Our robust security keeps it safe.

Dialogue generates ideas that are actionable and valuable

Spending Challenge - HM Treasury, UK

Dialogue used for national spending review that delivered £500m+ of savings.

Complete Streets - City of Edmonton, Canada

Dialogue used to review Complete Streets principles with citizens, delivering safe accessible streets for all users.

Forestry Commission, UK

Mountain bikers and other forest users reached agreement on sharing forest trails after a Dialogue discussion.

Your Freedom - Cabinet Office, UK

Law reform suggestions via Dialogue means that UK couples can now get married at any time of day, not just 8am-6pm.

Participatory Budgeting - Bristol, UK

Residents decided how to spend a £15,000 investment pot using Dialogue. The winning idea – occasional street closures so children could play – was adopted city-wide and then across the UK

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What citizens say...

"I really like the fact that people like me can be part of this. I have opinions
and use services but this is the first time I have been asked what I think."

Dialogue Participant - Fife Budget Dialogue, UK

We'll help make your Dialogue a success

Working with Dialogue since 2006, we've built up a base of knowledge
we'll share with you. And we have expert staff on hand if you ever get stuck.

Photo showing an online knowledge base in use

Online Support

Access to online support, sharing insight gleaned over years helping customers run engaging dialogues.

  • Online Knowledge Base offers a library of support articles.
  • Customer support will answer your email query within hours.
Photo of an account manager

Dedicated Account Management

An account manager will provide proactive support from deployment through to closedown.

  • Guidance for running a succesful Dialogue.
  • Mid-project report to review progress & opportunities.
  • Additional training available - remotely or we'll come to you.

"I would very much recommend Dialogue to any organisation that wishes to have a structured conversation with citizens, stakeholders or staff."

Anne Tansley Thomas, Senior Consultation Officer, Norfolk County Council.

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