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Customer Stories

The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government runs hundreds of consultations every year. With surveys and questionnaires already well-established, the Digital Engagement team wanted to layer in an idea generation tool to complement and augment the existing consultation activity.

The Scottish Government Customer Story

Dialogue has enabled us to expand public participation beyond formal consultation to include lively discussions and exchange of views. We have crowdsourced hundreds of insightful and constructive ideas around some difficult decisions, without the constraints of the traditional consultation process.

Chris Connolly, Digital Engagement Manager, The Scottish Government

Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission use Dialogue to enable a geographically dispersed team to engage with landowners, businesses and local communities about the management of woods and forests.

Forestry Commission Customer Story

Dialogue has played an essential role in our decision making, everything from how we manage visitor facilities at local sites to organisational restructuring.

Richard Tatnall, Digital Communications, Forestry Commission

The Highland Council

The Highland Council

The Highland Council wanted to get staff input into how to make the organisation more commercial and more efficient. But, with many staff working remotely, it was difficult to make effective use of face-to-face engagement.

The Highland Council Customer Story

Dialogue enabled people to quickly and easily share and discuss their ideas. We let the conversation flow and the result was hundreds of fantastic ideas and opinions.

Dr Stephen Carr, Corporate Performance Manager, The Highland Council

The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council wanted to expand and improve their methods of getting public input. Building on some traditional engagement efforts, they were especially keen to encourage participation beyond 'the usual suspects'.

The City of Edinburgh Council Customer Story

I can see how Dialogue could work for any kind of organisation. And the philosophy of it fits into what we’re wanting to do: when we're running a consultation, our aim is that any citizen is able to engage with it.

David Porteous, Senior Business Intelligence Officer, The City of Edinburgh Council

City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton

Edmonton use Dialogue to consult citizens on Complete Streets principles and policy, developing safer streets for everyone.

City of Edmonton Customer Story

We were very satisfied with the service and product provided by Dialogue...the customer service was prompt and thorough.

Stephanie Price, Social Marketing Program Coordinator, City of Edmonton



Vattenfall ran a £1.8m community fund process using Dialogue: people were invited to submit their ideas for how the money should be spent, and others were then able to rate and comment on these suggestions.

Vattenfall Customer Story

...we need local people to come forward with their ideas. Some ideas will develop into projects that will get funded, so it really is important for people to get involved at this stage. We need to know what could make a difference in the area? What is needed? And why?

Stephen Holdroyd, Vattenfall project development manager for Pen y Cymoedd, Wales

Bristol City Council Ideas Lab

Bristol City Council Ideas Lab

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson wanted to make the city a testbed for new ideas. 'George's Ideas Lab' was an online space for the City's residents to publicly share, discuss and rate one another's ideas.

Bristol City Council Ideas Lab Customer Story

The challenge will be good for Bristol. It will give us the chance to try things out and see what happens.

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, UK

HM Treasury Spending Challenge

HM Treasury Spending Challenge

HM Treasury chose to use Dialogue to run an effective consultation called the Spending Challenge. The Government wanted citizens to submit ideas on how it could spend money more effectively and reduce waste in order to save money.

HM Treasury Spending Challenge Customer Story

The ideas we're taking forward as policy today range from common-sense suggestions on reducing waste and bureaucracy to reforms to drive through efficiency and improve performance. They show that the ideas public sector workers and members of the public have generated can help the country tackle the budget deficit and support public services.

George Osborne, former Chancellor of The Exchequer, UK

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