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Exploring new ideas with the medical community online

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) was considering the possibility of launching a new, comprehensive online database of drug information.

Before embarking on this significant project, they wanted to hear from medical practitioners and other prospective users about what they thought of the concept: would such a database be useful? If so, how should it work?

To ensure this conversation was open to the widest possible audience, the MHRA were looking to complement their offline market research with an online discussion.

MHRA chose to use Dialogue

Dialogue provides an online space for a community to generate and rank ideas.

The MHRA used Dialogue to invite ideas and opinions on their database proposal online. In just one month, they generated some 150 comments and 65 new ideas via the platform. Over 50% of participants were pharmacists, members of the pharmaceutical industry, doctors or nurses – a key constituency that MHRA had hoped to reach.

The discussion surfaced several valuable themes for the MHRA to factor into their considerations: for example, that participants found the notion of an online, public database desirable, and that it was important to respondents that duplication of effort be avoided where possible.

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Timely access to up-to-date information about the medicines we are using is essential for safe and effective use. We want to know what patients, the public and healthcare professionals want to know about medicines and how we can best deliver this.

Jan MacDonald, Acting Group Manager Information for Public Health, the MHRA

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